Unsere Philosophie

Our Philosophy

Almost 15 years ago - in 2003 - my love for the Maine Coon and my start in Maine Coon breeding started. Today - in 2018 - this "addict breeding" still owns me. Yes - there was a longer pause and a small excursion into a different breed - the British Shorthair - but my love and passion still belongs to the Maine Coon! Therefore, there will be a new start - despite the fact that the Maine Coon mutated into an absolute "fashion breed".

But this breed deserves to fight for it! For its nativeness without being "old-fashioned" - for its health - with all these painful decisions - for its undescribable personality and against the bad reputation of this breed.

Buyers of my British Shorthair boys said: " The Maine Coon is totally sick and nothing for new beginners!"

Maine Coon - Quo Vadis?


Health Care

These are the adjectives and words you can find in the Maine Coon Standards of the various cat associations:
powerful - rugged - solid - strong boning - need time to develop - "working cat" - disease-resistant and some more.

Opposed to all this, we have the statements of kitten buyers, veterinarians - the Maine Coon is overbred, does not get old, is very sick very often and devours enormous sums of vet costs.
What is the truth? Where is the Maine Coon today and what can we all do to improve its health? What are the biggest "road works" of the Maine Coon? And for what should we pay attention for - the buyers and especially, we breeders?


Will follow...